CVT grinder
This CVT grinder is equipped with an NC swivel function for the wheelhead, allowing the sheave face and all journals of the CVT pulley shaft to be ground in one process.
NC swivel control of wheelhead enables highly efficient taper grinding

Swing over tableΦ 300 mm
Distance between centers350 mm
Wheel size (O.D.×W×I.D.)Φ 350 x 25 x Φ 20 mm
Wheel peripheral speed80 m/sec
Maximum grinding diameterΦ 240 mm
Max. workpiece mass (when using both centers)60 kg
Standard specifications
Ž¥ Machine full cover
Ž¥ Rotary wheel dressing device
Ž¥ Automatic adjust and hydraulic operated live spindle tailstock
Ž¥ Wheel spindle lubrication oil cooler