ˇˇISO activities
Shigiya has already received “ISO 9001” certification quality management and is making a united effort to “improve customer satisfaction” and “reduce the load that business activities place on the global environment” throughout the entire company.
In addition, standards of “ISO 14001” for environmental management are observed in our own way.
This section provides a summary of these efforts.

Status of Shigiya’s ISO Certification


ISO9001(Product quality)

Scope of certification

Business activities related to the design, development, manufacturing, sales and installation of cylindrical grinders, specialized grinders and machinery to process hard and brittle materials, as well as related services
(repair, maintenance, inspection, and parts supply)

Applicable sites

Headquarters plant, sales and branch offices

Applicable organization

All divisions
(excluding the GS division and related companies)

Date certified

March 1999

Certifying body

ASR Co.,Ltd.

Accrediting body

Japan Accreditation Board (JAB)
The Shigiya quality assurance and environmental management systems (QMS, EMS) are based on QMS, designed to share to the maximum extent possible common items required by ISO. These systems have the following features
  • Each management system is, in effect, an integrated system
    →No distinction between QMS and EMS operations (documentation and management of records use the same procedures)
    →Efficient operation of the systems by the system administrator and the ISO secretariat
    →Promotion of efficient and effective audits through multiple internal audits (simultaneous QMS and EMS audits)
  • ISO procedures are used as a target management tool for the entire company, including business targets
    →Systemization of divisional, departmental, and individual target setting and performance measurement
    →Contributes to the adoption and strengthening of the PDCA cycle
  • Expansion of the number of employees certified as internal auditors (around 10% of employees) to broaden the range of ISO promoters
  • Digitized management of ISO documentation (paperless management) using the company Intranet (customized software),and use of a digital approval system for the creation and editing of documentation