°°Introduction to °»voluntary management activities°… under ISO14001

Shigiya’s environmental policy and status of activities

Shigiya has implemented activities according to the six “action guidelines” in our environmental policy. Particularly, in the area of practical ecology,
we are actively pursuing the development of environmentally-friendly products. Furthermore, the entire company aims to achieve zero emissions of industrial and general waste.

[Introduction of activity achievements]
  • Reduction of water-soluble cutting fluid discharge
  • Waste oil/waste liquid zero discharge activities
  • Reduction of throughput of flammable waste oil (waste thinner)
  • Reduction of disposed amount of flammable waste oil (waste thinner)

Development of environmentally-friendly products

Based on proposals our sales division has received from our customers, the development division is actively seeking to study environmental technologies and collect data, in order to develop and improve a range of socially appealing environmentally-friendly products.

[Major thrust of development programs in progress]
  • On-machine measurement of surface roughness
  • Efficient use of motor output data
  • Accuracy improvement of indirect sizing