ˇˇISO9001 activities

Shigiya's quality assurance policy and status of activities

In accordance with our quality assurance policy, Shigiya seeks to offer maximum customer satisfaction by providing the reliable products that customers expect and demand. Every employee carries a business-card sized copy of our quality assurance policy for their reference, and employees recite this policy each morning in order to raise awareness of this policy.

In order to create reliable products, and provide superior services after delivery, Shigiya has set up the following 11 primary processes, and works to achieve the thorough implementation of each and every process.

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Shigiya is also making effective use of ISO in risk management!

Regarding corporate compliance and corporate management, we have actively sought to include in our system items that are not a required part of ISO certification, and by creating work processes for these items, have created a system to ensure that they are thoroughly observed and implemented (export management regulations, cost management standards, etc.).
Export Management Regulations

[Basic Policy]
The chief executive who is responsible for the management of safety assurance of exports is the President, Norikazu Shigitani, and the basic policy on the management of safety assurance of exports is stipulated as follows.
  1. The export of controlled goods shall conform to all laws and regulations related to exports, including foreign exchange and international trade laws.
  2. In order to ensure the observance of laws and regulations related to exports, and the implementation of appropriate export management, a manager responsible for safety assurance of exports shall be appointed, and a system of export management shall be set up.
These regulations are intended to clarify the necessary safety assurance system and procedures in order to ensure the appropriate application of the management of safety assurance of exports, which is itself designed to maintain international peace and safety. The thorough implementation of the safety assurance system and procedures will construct a system that abides by all relevant laws and regulations, such as the foreign exchange law.